Tuycalde in Mos
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Talleres Navales Ruiz was born as a family business in 1912, dedicated to the manufacturing of vessel boilers and steam machines. Was founded by Mr. Emilio Ruiz (ancient soccer player at Real Club Fortuna of Vigo, lately our dear Real Club Celta), it was in 1992 when the company is acquired by Mr. Benito Moreira González, who already managed the company Montajes Moreira, founded in 1975, giving it a new impulse and adapting it to new market needs. From 2006 Talleres y Fundiciones Navales goes to swell the group of
companies managed by Mr. Moreira under the name Tuycalde.

T: +34 986 232325 / +34 986 213725 F: +34 986 232962 Muelle Reparaciones Bouzas, Parcela 10, 36208, Vigo, Spain talleresruiz@talleresruiz.com