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Instalación de Armamento
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We supply and assemble all the elements, working actively with our clients and doing work "turnkey."

Examples of our work is the work of Hull and superstructure of the ship made C/1650 "Volcano Taburiente" Shipyard H. J. Barriers, the engine room of the ship "New Polar" CNP Freire commissioned by Pescanova. Engine Room for all chemical tankers Factories manufactured by Vulcan. All services Gonsusa accommodation for offshore vessels manufactured by Vulcan Factories

Stairs and Ladders (see catalog)
Cond. Ventilation and Hatch Covers
Manhole Covers
Certified deposits
Steel Structures
Car Platforms decks, cargo, etc.
Gateways and Planchadas
General machining
Palos Antennas and Mounts Bipods
Light sticks
Materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized, bronze and brass, aluminum, and others.

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